5 Steps to Create Energy & Focus

Ever feel like some days you have an abundance of productive energy while other days you feel drained?

Sometimes there is seemingly no difference in what’s happening, but you feel completely exhausted?

Being energized and focused throughout the day is crucial to helping me work simultaneously in two businesses with ease!

This blog post will teach you the hidden secrets of keeping peak energy throughout your day to help you successfully accomplish your goals.

How to create a peak state.

It’s important to feel your best each day to be focused and productive. Your routine can dictate your overall state, so you must set yourself up in the best way possible. The steps below will help you create an optimal state for success.

Step 1: Get a good night’s sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep is key to making sure you wake up feeling refreshed. Keep in mind; healthy adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night to function at their best.

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However, we often convince ourselves we do not need rest. It is sometimes even common to brag about having little to no sleep as though this is a good thing.

Sound familiar?

A good indicator of getting enough rest is how you feel when you wake up. Ask yourself: Do I feel energized? Do I feel refreshed?

If so, great job!

If not, what can you do to adjust your sleep schedule to feel more rested? Can you change something in your routine? Can you go to bed earlier or get up later? Can you change your nighttime wind-down to get more sound sleep? Sleep is the first key to feeling great and being successful.

Step 2: Wake up with a positive intention and visualize a positive outcome.

When waking up in the morning, your brain switches from delta deep sleep waves to theta waves, where your creative brain is most attuned.

The brain then starts to produce alpha waves as you begin waking up and moving into a relaxed, awake state.

Why is this important?

It’s critical to use the creative brain state in the morning to tap into your subconscious mind and visualize how you would like to create your day.

Waking up with intention can help drive the actions needed to achieve your vision, productivity, and success.

Do you grab your phone, answer emails, or surround yourself with negative thoughts, materials, or activities?

It’s time to stop.

Here’s why.

When you do this, the brain will skip the appropriate brain wave stages and go straight to being wide awake, triggering your stress response, putting you on edge for the rest of the day, and priming your brain for distraction.

I’m guessing you don’t want to feel edgy and distracted, do you?

Instead, take a moment to stretch, feel grateful and relax.

Feel thankful for anything, including the soft pillow, your night’s rest, or even being alive.

Visualize your day ahead. Imagine feeling positive, energized, and focused.

If there is a potential challenge, visualize the outcome going smoothly, efficiently, and effortlessly. 

If you visualize a positive outcome, you have a 90% better chance of having better results. Don’t you want a 90% better chance to be productive?

Step 3: Have a consistent morning routine.

After waking up, a great way to keep energized is to start with a consistent morning routine.

Quiet reflection, including journaling in “morning pages,” keeping a gratitude journal, and practicing meditation or mindfulness can create a positive state to help boost your productivity and mood for the remainder of the day.

Going outside or getting moving with exercise can also fill you with endorphins.

How do you want to care for your body to set yourself up for success?

Step 4: Nourish your body.

Part of your morning routine is making sure to nourish your body appropriately.

Humans consist of up to 60% water, and we need to be hydrated to make sure we are performing at optimal states. If you start to feel low energy during the day, try drinking water. As simple as it sounds, our energy often is depleted through dehydration.

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For an extra step, I recommend starting the day with one squeezed lemon in a glass of room temperature water twenty minutes before eating anything else.

This promotes hydration, improves digestive health, is a powerful antioxidant, increases vitamin C and potassium, and optimizes focus, mood, and memory.

Last, how are you nourishing your body with food? Make sure to notice and eat foods that fill you with energy. Do you feel exhausted when you eat grains? Do you feel lethargic after consuming certain foods? Do you find that certain vegetables or fruits fill you with energy?

Pay attention to your body and what works best for you to remain in a peak state.

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Know that everybody is unique and what works for you is specific to you.

I eat a primarily natural ingredient plant-based diet and avoid toxins because that works for me. Clean eating is a great way to boost your energy and mood.

Step 5: Take time to recharge.

Last, it’s essential to take breaks and take time to recharge. Sometimes you can get so caught up in work that you don’t take a break, convincing yourself that you do not have time.

Not taking breaks will cause a loss of productivity and, eventually, may cause complete burnout. Ignoring breaks for extended periods can lead to heart disease, diabetes, stress-related diseases, and injury.

to run, woman, morning-3684873.jpg

It may seem counterintuitive, but taking breaks can help you be more focused, concentrated, and productive.

Research has proven that taking breaks has significant benefits, including reducing stress, maintaining performance, and reducing recovery time after the workday.

It will increase the level of energy both during the day and over time.

Researchers have found that even taking a 40-second ‘microbreak’ will improve attention. At the very least, try to take a small 5-10 minute break every hour or two, even if it means just getting up and stretching.

Bonus: Make it social by contacting a friend or get your blood moving by going for a walk or even having a dance party to pump up your energy.

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If you find you struggle to take a break, here are some tips:

Set an alarm or place a reminder somewhere, such as a post-it, or even schedule it in your calendar.

Plan something you love, so you look forward to it and want to take the break, and then write down how it impacted you, so you remember how great it is when you are hesitant to take breaks in the future.


Your energetic state is key to making sure you can be as healthy, productive, and successful as possible. By following these five steps, your energy will skyrocket, and you will be more focused, creative, and resourceful.

Step 1: Get a good night’s sleep
Step 2: Wake up with positive intentions and visualize a positive outcome
Step 3: Have a consistent morning routine
Step 4: Nourish your body
Step 5: Take time to recharge

Improve your energy to enhance productivity and focus throughout your day and increase success by working on at least one of these areas.

Which area will you try?
Email me and let me know at michele@micheleleah.com. I would love to hear from you!

Michele x

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2 thoughts on “5 Steps to Create Energy & Focus”

A great article on how to make the most of your day and feeling your best while you are at it! I gotta work on my bedtime routine. Winding down is a challenge for me and so is waking up!

  1. Thanks, Mariee! I am so glad it resonates with you! Yes, winding down is always a challenge and something to be mindful of for sure. 💕

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