A New Beginning…

The start of fall for many cultures signals a time for new possibilities and new beginnings. Many people wind down from the summer, kids are back to school starting their school year, and some businesses even create their fiscal year to begin on September 1st. It is a time to sit down and get serious. A time to reflect, a time to plan and consider the year ahead. An excellent time for a restart.

And it is is a time for another significant restart for myself as well. This week I am “officially” launching my newsletter and blog for Michele Leah LLC. It is scary. It is vulnerable. It is exciting. It is my epitome of new beginnings.

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See, we always have the unique ability to start over any time we like. Whether it is Labor Day, New Years’ Eve, or some random Tuesday, we can wake up and greet the day with a new lens.

Every single moment we choose how we feel, how we act, and what we do. Each moment we have choices that build our future. And each moment shapes who we are, what our life is, and what we become.

A few years ago, I did not know this. I didn’t think that I could ever restart. I never even considered designing my life or my future. Life was always happening to me.. around me, and I just went with it. Inside, I did not know or consider what I truly wanted. I did not realize I could create my life, and I certainly did not dream.

From the outside, my life seemed like I had it all; a good job, a nice apartment in New York City, great family and friends, and then the final check on my checklist- a loving husband. I thought my life was all mapped out for me. I would continue working for my great company. I would have two kids, and we would live happily ever after. Except then, life happened.

First, I found out I had endometrial cancer. After struggling for years to have a child and cure my cancer, and when I finally thought everything was working out towards my “dream,” I found out that much of my reality was not, in fact, the romantic fantasy I thought it once was. My marriage and my world shattered around me. I was at my ultimate rock bottom, and I no longer knew myself or what my life had become.

After wrestling with enormous grief, the pain became so great it was unmanageable. I no longer could live this way.

And so one day, I decided to change it.

When your canvas is blank, everything is possible.

I rebuilt myself from a shell of a person, I regained confidence, excitement, and passion, and most importantly, I redirected my pain into a gift.

Now my purpose is to help other female entrepreneurs create their vision as well.

I spent some time reflecting on how much I would share and if it is too much for some people, and just decided that this is me.

I hope that this speaks to you and that it can inspire you to know that anything is possible, and you too can create a new beginning at any time.

It is never too late to have a fresh start.

I look forward to continuing our journey together.

With Love,
Michele x

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