57 Tips to Ease Overwhelm

At times, we become stressed or even paralyzed by our pile of “to-do’s.” We are stuck not knowing our next step forward. During these moments, taking intentional action can help us.

Below is a list of 57 tangible ways to ease overwhelm so that you can create less stress and calmly move forward in life and business.

I invite you to try whichever idea resonates with you and send me an email at michele@micheleleah.com to let me know which tip you tried and how it impacted you! I look forward to connecting! Enjoy! Michele x

1. Gratitude: Write a list of why you are grateful. Look for simple things you can appreciate! Do you have running water? Are you enjoying your cup of coffee? (I know I am!)

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2. Breathe: Try box breathing, a technique the navy seals use to stay calm. Breathe in for four counts, hold your breath for four counts, breathe out for four counts. Repeat. It will calm your central nervous system by round two.

3. Meditation: Close your eyes and quiet your mind. And remember, it’s completely normal to have your thoughts wander, so bring them back to your mantra when they do.

4. Change up your environment: Whether you are stuck in one room or can wander, changing your scenery has been proven to allow our creative juices to flow, easing stress. You can move a few chairs around or move to another location.

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5. Go for a walk: Get moving, preferably outside! Science has proven that this releases endorphins, instantly boosting your mood. 

6. Gratitude walk: Combining gratitude during a walk can be game-changing! Go outside and focus on elements around you while appreciating them. With each step, enjoy how your foot hits the pavement, how lucky you are to be able to take a walk, and how much you love your environment. 

7. Change up your path: Explore your backyard and change your usual way by going a different route. Changing it up can create a sense of newness, excitement, and appreciation.

8. Get your tasks organized: Organizing your future thoughts and knowing what to do next can help ease your anxiety. Grab your free planner here: https://michele-leah-llc.involve.me/clutter-to-clarity-planner

9. Tidy up your space: It certainly feels better when you know where to find your stapler and your desk is clean. Take some time to put away the mess, get organized, and start fresh. Bonus – the act of cleaning itself will keep you motivated!

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10. Journal: Getting your thoughts down on paper is a great way to empty your mind, express your thoughts, and clarify your ideas to start with a blank slate so you know what to do next. 

11. Brain dump: Write everything you are thinking on paper. Organize the list into four sections: Urgent and Important, Urgent and Not Important, Not Important and Not Urgent, and create your to-do list based on what you need to do next.

12. Create a “no list”: Protect your time, space, and energy by asking yourself, “What can I say no to today to have healthy boundaries for myself? What can I delegate to someone else?”

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13. Take control of your time: Prioritize by blocking time for your important priorities first. Mute notifications and only answer emails after you have taken care of what you need to do.

14. Create a routine: Creating consistency keeps you accountable, motivated and gives you the confidence to overcome stress. Whether it is a consistent morning routine or taking time on one particular day to plan, showing up for yourself is vital.

15. Focus on the one next step: Ask yourself: What is one thing you can do to feel better right now. Remind yourself that you only need to take one action at a time.

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16. Get creative: Make something! Do you paint, draw, knit? Get out your favorite tools and create a masterpiece!

17. Coloring: Adult coloring has become popular in the past few years for a reason. Tapping into your childhood self and coloring inside (and outside) the lines is a great way to calm you.

18. Mindfulness: Taste: Mindfully enjoy a good meal, whether out at your favorite restaurant or just enjoying your usual snack. Take time, close your eyes and taste the food while chewing slowly. Enjoy!

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19. Mindfulness: Listen: Close your eyes and listen to the farthest sound you can. What is it? Try to hear it and listen. Now listen for the sound closest to you. What do you hear?

20. Mindfulness – Touch: Rub your fingertips together for two minutes. Pay attention to the feeling of them rubbing together. Pay attention to the ridges in your fingers. Focus on the sensations.

21. Spend time with a child: Children have a sense of newness, joy, and wonder and can give you a fresh perspective. Hearing a child’s laughter can fill you with pleasure!

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22. Find something soft and cozy: Feeling something soft or putting on a comfy outfit can be comforting and relax you!

23. Hug someone: Hugging others creates connection while releasing oxytocin, boosting your mood. Spread the love! 

24. Hug yourself: Give yourself a hug or a pat on the back. Self-love is vital, and you deserve it!

25. Get a massage: So many reasons here, including the release of oxytocin, relaxation, and self-care. Oh, and it feels great! If you can’t see a professional, you can also massage your hands easily!

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26. Acupuncture: Acupuncture can help with stress release as well. If you can’t see a professional, you can google trigger points and press on them all by yourself. 

27. Light a candle: Lighting candles can create a romantic and calm environment and shift your mood as you lower the lights and watch the flickering flames.

28. Mindfulness – Smell: Close your eyes and inhale deeply. Smell the elements or one element around you. If you can, sniff something soothing like fresh flowers or try aromatherapy! Put your favorite essential oil in a diffuser or take a deep inhale of something you love. Enjoy!

29. Take a shower: This will change your physical environment, your temperature and relax you. Have you ever noticed that you have your best creative thoughts here? Let your mind wander, and perhaps you will find the answers you need.

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30. Stretch: Take some time to stretch slowly and if inspired, do some yoga. Allow your body to relax.

31. Exercise: Sometimes, a quick run, swim, or time at the gym can drastically boost our state.

32. Positive affirmations: Find a positive affirmation that lifts your spirits and when your mind wanders, replace your negative thought with your more positive mindset. Example: Mine is “Everything is always working out for me” Another great trick is writing three good things about yourself each day at night and reading them the following morning!

33. Place your hand on your heart and talk to yourself: Placing your hand over your heart will automatically calm your nervous system. Sometimes, we have to speak to ourselves and convince ourselves it is not as bad as we think. Talking out loud instead of keeping it all bottled inside can feel more commanding. Say out loud, “It’s not so bad. I can do this. Everything is working out. Life is easy.”

34. Send love meditation: Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine a white light pouring through your body with each inhale. With each exhale, imagine you are sending love and healing to one person. Imagine them being healthy and lit up with joy. Do this for a couple of minutes, and it will fill you with peace!

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35. Appreciate someone else: Let someone know how much you appreciate them. Recognizing others will be an instant mood boost.

36. Call a cheerful friend: Sometimes, all you need is a connection with someone else to reframe your mindset.

37. Talk it out: Bouncing ideas with someone else can help clarify your thoughts, and also, it sometimes just helps to feel heard!

38. Voice memo: Don’t have someone else to bounce ideas? No problem. Hit record on your iPhone, and you can brainstorm with yourself.

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39. Ask for help: It’s okay to ask for help when you need it. Think about who can best support you with what you are struggling with and ask for help.

40. Smile: The phrase “fake it until you make it” didn’t come from nowhere. Did you know that smiling will create a positive mood?

41. Laugh: Find something that will make you laugh. Watch funny videos on you-tube or Tik-Tok, find a hilarious friend, or just anything that will give you a giggle. 

42. Listen to your favorite music: Science has proven that listening to music can instantly boost your mood. Whether it is Beethoven or Beyonce, crank up your favorite tunes!  

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43. Dance party: While you listen, dance – get silly, shake it out, and let your worries melt away! 

44. Go for a drive: Get out of the house and enjoy the scenery of a place you have never been! Bonus, crank up the tunes and sing along! 

45. Plan a vacation: Even if you don’t have time for an extended break today, creating an exciting plan for relaxation in the future is exciting. Anticipation of an event can almost be as reasonable as the event itself!

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46. Get some sunshine: Getting some much-needed vitamin D can boost your mood. Whether in a sunny window or at the beach, go out and catch some rays!

47. Be in nature: Surround yourself with nature, even if it is just a plant in your apartment. Get out for a hike, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy nature’s wonders.
Extra bonus: Connect to the earth through gardening.

48. Set a timer: Create a time limit on how long you will allow yourself to be upset. Once your time is up, decide to move on and create a new, more positive reality.

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49. Drink water: Being dehydrated can make you feel both tired and dizzy. Make sure you are hydrating to feel at your peak state.

50. Have a cup of tea: A nice cup of herbal tea can be relaxing. Taking time to sip tea quietly can create just the calm you need.

51. Hold something warm: Holding something warm in your hands creates feelings of warmth emotionally. Whether a cup of tea or warming your hands by a fire, this will fill you with joy.

52. Visualize relief: Close your eyes and get centered. Imagine what it will feel like when you are relieved and create that feeling now. Feel what that feels like in your body. Release tension and create joy.

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53. Take a nap: Ready for a restart? Taking a nap can reset your mood instantly! Just like when you were a baby, sometimes you need a good rest to change your state!

54. Pet an animal: Petting a furry friend lowers your heart rate while releasing oxytocin. Give your furry friend a pet or borrow one!

55. Reframe your situation: Sometimes, you may experience feelings, thoughts, and emotions that are not needed. Take a moment to breathe and look at the facts. Ask yourself, Is this true?

56. Focus on the now: Remember that this is just one moment in time, and life is a sequence of each moment. All you need to do right now is be here and breathe.

57. Be kind to yourself: Most importantly, remember to be kind to yourself. Whatever you are feeling is okay. Remember not to judge yourself and to do whatever you need that is best for you! You can do this!

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