9 Secret Ingredients to Skyrocket Your New Business Success

I honestly cannot BELIEVE IT! I AM SO EXCITED! 🎉🎉🎉 ONE YEAR AGO THIS WEEK, I launched the Rising Female Entrepreneurs Community! Boy, it sure has been a wild ride. And so so worth it! What a fantastic group of supportive and connected women… And it has spread like wildfire… The number of members EXPLODED

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How to Handle Objections (Like a Boss)

“I’ll sign up later.” “It’s not the right time.” “I can’t afford it.” “I will let you know.” “How do I know it will work?” “I have to talk to my partner.” “No, thank you.” Or worse, nothing, nada, silence. You are officially ghosted, my friend. Sound familiar? If you have ever sold any product

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How to Write An “I Help Statement” that Sells

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you. What do you do?” “Uhhhhhh..” ((Long pause)) Be honest. How do you respond when someone asks you this question? Do you:a. Freezeb. Ramblec. Mumbled. Answer confidently If the answer is a,b, or c, wouldn’t you like to have a better outcome? It’s common to struggle here, so know that

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How to develop a strategy (you’ll actually stick to)

After being t-boned, my car spun out and crashed straight into a wall. ​Don’t worry I am fine. I went go-karting last weekend and in full transparency, I didn’t know how to operate the darn thing. At first, I moved so slowly that everyone passed me. ​​Until, boom, someone hit me, and I didn’t know how to move

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How to be authentically yourself in business

Do you show up differently in your daily life versus your business? Come on. Be honest. Are you the same person who goes out on a Saturday night, or do you tone it down a bit? Of course, it’s essential to wear slightly different hats at different moments. However, are you losing fundamental aspects of

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7 Essential Ingredients to Make Your Goals Happen Right Now

Whooohooo! We did it!!! Wait. You are probably wondering what we did. Exactly one year ago, I committed to writing one blog article weekly for one year (despite everyone telling me I was nuts). This post marks the 52nd article, so it’s kind of a big deal. Most importantly, thank you for being here. I

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How to Get Out of Your Own Way to Be Happy

Are you enjoying your life and business? Or are you feeling tired, frustrated, or drained? You could just be going through the motions. Most importantly, are you truly happy? Maybe you are telling yourself, “I will be happy when I… Enroll a certain number of clients. Hit that number in my bank account. Pay off

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How to Know Whether to Share Pricing Upfront

Are you staring blankly at your sales page, wondering if you should share your pricing upfront? This huge debate amongst business owners can create profound uncertainty. So if you struggle here, you are not alone. While some say this is a must, others recommend revealing pricing only after sales conversations. However, this decision is deeply

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How to Overcome Challenges with Ease

Is something getting in the way of your success? It may be smooth sailing until, boom, you hit an obstacle. It could be a small pebble in the road or a huge boulder. Perhaps you feel stuck, not knowing what to do next. As an entrepreneur, challenges are inevitable. It’s what you do with those

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How to Overcome Fear and Make Consistent Money

It could feel like no matter how hard you try; you can’t seem to get ahead. Something always gets in the way as soon as you build traction. And once you have the success you have always dreamed of, poof, it disappears. You can’t seem to hold on to your success. Perhaps you spend all

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How to Feel Good Taking Time Off

You finally have that vacation coming up, but are you even excited? Although you have something fabulous planned, you may feel stressed because of everything on your plate. How will you get it all done? Stepping away from your business may feel overwhelming. And when you are used to running at 100 miles per hour,

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How to Drive More Engagement in Your Content

Feel like you are posting and consistently getting crickets? You could take hours obsessing over every word, yet it’s tumbleweeds. Maybe you blame the algorithm, your audience, or your ads or funnels aren’t good enough. You have tried different tactics, yet they are not working, and the lack of engagement could make you want to

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How to develop habits (you’ll actually stick to)

Do you keep falling off the wagon? Maybe you aren’t following through on what you say you will do. Although you have good intentions, something always seems to get in the way. Perhaps your focus is too scattered to show up consistently. You could start at full steam, lose momentum, and give up. Or maybe

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How to Know Your Next Steps to Success

We are officially halfway through 2022! Can you even believe it? The year seems to have flown by. So how do you feel about your progress so far? Are you proud of how far you have come? Take a moment and soak in all your incredible accomplishments. It’s easy to breeze past them, so celebrate

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How to know what your clients need (so they buy)

Feel like you are throwing spaghetti against the wall? Maybe you have pitched your offer, and no one is buying. You could try different approaches yet struggle to find the right one. Or you may feel frozen because you don’t know what to put out there. In either case, you don’t understand what your client

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