How to Sell with Confidence


The Rising Female Entrepreneur Facebook Group has surpassed 2000 engaged members in just a couple of months!

Many of you have reached out to ask, “How are you growing such an engaged Facebook Group so quickly?”

I also heard these challenges at the same time:
“I don’t want to talk to people because I will seem “salesy.”
“I am afraid to show up online.”
“I’m not an expert.”

And here is the absolute truth. Engaging with your ideal client does not have to feel salesy or gross. It does not need to be hard or scary.

It can be fun!

So what is my simple secret?

Step 1: Why am I doing this, and what value do I bring?

girl, woman, meadow-3340383.jpg

If you’ve read my past articles, you may notice a pattern here.

It is imperative to go back to your reason for selling your products or services. Tap into your motivation.

Why are you doing what you do? What drew you to do this in the first place? And what lights you up about it?

Perhaps you have a product you love so much that you want others to experience it too. Maybe you overcame a challenge or obstacle and want to help others overcome that same challenge. Perhaps you want to help others and have an impact.

Whatever you are selling is meaningful now or had meaning in the past. Why do you feel passionate about this product or service? Every action you take in your business should tap into your motivation.

Next, identify the value that you bring. Write a list of why your product or service is beneficial. Write down every benefit or feature your product contains.

It’s essential to know your value.

Pro Tip:  If you struggle to understand why your offer is meaningful or valuable, consider how it impacts you and others. Write down 50 reasons why you love what you sell, how it impacts you, and how it affects others. What are the benefits of this product or service?

Step 2: Focus on providing value.

A few years ago, I led a session on Gratitude that included a meditation that I had written. It was the first time I had conducted this type of training in a corporate setting, and I was super nervous. What would they think? All of the fears came up “What if they think this is stupid and hate it? What if they think I don’t know what I am doing.”

Despite doing a test run with a group (which I highly recommend), the moment I turned on my camera, my heart was racing, my stomach felt like it was in my throat, and I couldn’t breathe.

I was shaking so hard I could hardly get words out.

Then I remembered something that shifted everything.

I looked out into the audience and saw people I knew could profoundly benefit from what I was about to share. I looked into their eyes and realized that I had a gift that could help make their life better in some way. And that was it. My fear, anxiety, ego, and other negative thoughts melted away.

And it became a moment of just us sharing time. I felt grateful to help create a positive impact. Even if it was just one person, it did not matter.

So why am I sharing this?

Sometimes as you focus on selling, you get so caught up in how you are perceived, how many likes or comments you get, how you are fearful that you may disappoint others, or how much money you will make (or need to make), that you forget why you are doing this in the first place.

Your focus should always be to provide value and help people whether they buy from you or not.

Shifting focus on delivering value is game-changing. By coming from a place of love and service, you forget yourself entirely, and your fear will melt away.

Try focusing on helping just one person in your messenger or one member of your audience instead of just numbers.

hands, shake, encouragement-2805248.jpg

See how this shifts your energy. Who would you be if you focused here?

So, maybe you have tried this already, and it was challenging? Now what?

Pro Tip: Most people are focused on only themselves.
It is helpful to recognize that people are not paying as much attention as you think. For example, last week, I got on a Facebook live with super puffy eyes. There have been moments where my braid was coming undone. Did you notice? (Haha, Okay, maybe that’s a bad example if you did ;). But seriously, my guess is you were less worried about my eyes or braid than learning.

Step 3: Have a positive mindset.

Before you go live or pitch your offer, make sure you are in the right mindset. You want to be calm, feel positive, and believe that this will benefit your ideal client.

If you need help calming your mind, check out this article 57 Tips to Ease Overwhelm.

My favorite tip is placing your hand over your heart which automatically calms your nervous system.

Take some deep breaths while listening to binaural beats heart chakra music.

Here is a great track: LINK

Close your eyes, think about someone you know that you genuinely love and want to help, and ask nothing in return. It could be a family member, a child, or anyone you feel deeply connected.

When you pitch, come from the same helping energy and stay unattached to the outcome.

If you love helping others, focus on what they gain from your product or service, not the money you will receive.

How are you helping to solve their problems?

Being in this value-based energy will be felt by those around you. And when you give value, people will not only know, like, and trust you, but they will gladly pay you as well.

Last, when that voice comes up to stop you from even trying to promote your offer, saying, “You sound too salesy.” Remember that you are gifting someone an invitation for something that could benefit them.

If you don’t ask, they will not be able to partake in your services. And always remember that if they say no, it’s okay. It only means that it is just not right for them. It is not personal. Every decision someone else makes is about them. You can thank them and move on.

Staying unattached to the outcome will drastically change your interactions, willingness to try, and success.

Step 4: Focus on one person vs. many.

Always try to be in the mindset that each person counts. As long as you impact one person, that is all you need.

And if you are trying to create value and feel demotivated by crickets, remember that most people do not give feedback even if they read your posts.

When my blog first came out, I did not know if anyone was reading it until a successful female entrepreneur friend came up to me at a party to tell me that my post changed her entire marketing strategy.

If I had not run into her, I would not have even known she read it. And I KNOW her personally.

The lesson is that many people absorb your content that you do not realize. Don’t give up. Be in the energy that it is okay even if you help one person (and never find out).

Pro Tip:
Practice your sales pitch or presentations with someone you trust and get comfortable with them first. Focusing on that one person can help overcome obstacles.

Showing up confidently to sell can be easy by following the four steps outlined. Tap into why you are selling your product or service, focus on creating value and helping your ideal client, keep a positive mindset, do not be attached to the outcome, and do all of this by focusing on helping one person.

Step 1: Why am I doing this, and what value do I bring?
Step 2: Focus on providing value.
Step 3: Have a positive mindset.
Step 4: Focus on one person vs. many.

Remember that you do not need to be an expert but only one step ahead of your ideal client. You have a lot of value to share, so allow your clients to learn and grow from your gifts!

And last, have fun! When you focus on connecting and helping others, it’s easy to relax and enjoy the ride!

If you want help showing up confidently, book a Free Discovery Call Here.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Michele x

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5 thoughts on “How to Sell with Confidence”

You don’t have to be an expert…but one step ahead of your clients!

Yes! I love that. Value is value. ☺️💖

  1. I’m so glad you like that quote! ❤️ I actually created a quote card because of your comment!! ☺️ Thank you!

  • Awesome! This is precisely what I needed to hear. I don’t follow many blogs but I’ll definitely be reading more! 🙂

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