How to Embrace Resistance to Move Forward

Are you struggling to move forward in your life or business?

You could feel exhausted.

Perhaps you feel restless and don’t know what steps to take next.

Maybe you no longer know what you want or how to get there.

Or maybe, you know what to do, but when you try to move forward, something isn’t quite right.

So you stay where you are. Stagnant.

You feel impatient. Frustrated. Powerless.

And you may even want to quit.

So what do you do when you feel resistance and can’t seem to move forward?

Step 1: Accept your resistance.

First, pause and notice if you feel resistance by connecting with your body.

Is there a tightness in your chest, shallowness of breath, or are you entirely numb? What is coming up for you?

Because resistance feels uncomfortable, you may try to push past it quickly, hoping that it will just dissipate.

Instead, try to connect on a deeper level. Resisting will only create more resistance.

Imagine for a moment that you are taking a road trip. You pack up the car and are on your way, but as you set off on your journey, your car’s check oil warning light begins flashing. You ignore this inconvenience because you are excited to get on the road, but the light keeps flashing anyway.

You have a decision to make. You could keep driving but run the risk that, eventually, your car may break down.

Your resistance is that flashing oil light highlighting that perhaps you need a tune-up before moving forward.

Yes, stopping to find a mechanic will most likely take you off the highway. You will need to reroute your GPS, taking more time.

But it is worth it. With the proper tune-up, your car will be ready for the journey ahead.

This gift highlights where you are not aligned and creates an opportunity by pointing you in the right direction. So take a deep breath and acknowledge this is a positive indicator to enable you to move forward.

Find the right mechanic, and pull over to get the tune-up you need. The sooner you acknowledge and accept your resistance, the easier it will become to move through it and take the right path.

Step 2: Pause and Gain Awareness

Okay, you have acknowledged your resistance and realize you need a tune-up. Now what?

It’s essential to become aware of what is going on for you. How does this resistance show up?

Ask yourself how you are feeling and why you may feel this way. Your negative feelings highlight a gap between where you are now and your expectation. What is that gap, and what is preventing you from moving forward?

Watch out for these possible roadblocks.

I feel disconnected.

You may be excited about your trip and then suddenly feel disconnected, as if you are missing something.

Did you forget your bathing suit?

You wrack your brain for answers because you have this knot in your stomach that won’t go away.

You may not be aligned with your purpose or understand why your life and business are meaningful to you.

Are you operating in your zone of genius by doing what you truly love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you can get paid for?

Read how to get your spark back, or watch the free training here.

I don’t know where I am going.

As you are driving, the wind is in your hair, tunes are blaring, the sunroof is open, and you have the time of your life.

But you had left in a hurry, loving the adventure, excitement, and freedom of it all, and now realize you have no idea where you are going.

Where do you want to wind up? The beach or the country or the city?

Despite feeling uneasy, you may keep driving for a while. Eventually, after being lost and wasting a ton of time, you pull over to ask for directions, or you may end your trip altogether.

Do you know where you are going?

To know your next step forward, check out this article or watch this free training. As a bonus, to help you craft a new vision this year, read this article or watch this free training.

I don’t have a map.

You want to see so many different places but aren’t sure which to prioritize and the best route to get there.

Do you take the long road to see the beautiful view, or is it more important to get to your final destination and explore later? 

So you spin your wheels. You either can’t seem to get started or are in a vicious spiral of start-stop.

Do you wonder if you are moving in the right direction and don’t know what to do next?

To learn how to create an aligned plan, read this article or watch this free training. Read this article or watch this free training for tips on daily planning.

I keep driving in circles.

Or maybe, despite taking the time to plan your trip, you still feel a bit lost.

It felt like you knew what you wanted to achieve and where you were going, yet as you started driving, you realized that you aren’t enjoying the journey.

You continue to get off at the wrong exit and waste time driving in circles.

You may benefit from creating a new route that feels more in alignment. Perhaps you are focusing on the wrong things.

Read this article or watch this free training to develop goals you’ll stick to.

Read this article or watch this free training to focus on what matters.

Read this article or watch this free training so you can do more of the right things and have a better impact.

I can’t decide which direction to take.

You might begin your trip in a great mood until you get to a fork in the road.

Your GPS shows two different paths, and you don’t know what to do next.

Paralyzed, you pull over and make no decision. Nighttime is approaching, and you don’t know where to go. When everything is a priority, nothing takes priority.

Read this article to overcome indecision by identifying your Core Values.

I keep choosing a road that no longer serves me.

You find yourself on the same route you have been taking for years despite the GPS giving you different directions.

You are gripping tightly to a past version of yourself and don’t want to let go.

Your old story of who you are could be holding you back.

You are likely unaware of these deep subconscious patterns, but it is crucial to understand your self-perception as it controls what you believe and how you relate to the world around you.

Read the blog or watch the free training to embrace change and create a better you.

I am completely exhausted (and don’t want to do this anymore).

You have been driving all night because you were so excited to get to your destination.

With tired eyes, you veer off the road. You are so exhausted that you can’t even function any longer. 

It would be best to pull over at a rest stop, but you are afraid to fall behind or that you will quit. You bit off more than you can chew and realize now that you need help but struggle to ask. Perhaps you should have invited that friend that could share the driving load. 

Please read this article to avoid burnout before it starts. And if you feel like you need a permission slip first, read this. Make sure you pack enough energy-filling snacks by learning five steps to create more energy and focus.

I am scared.

Perhaps you are 20 miles out of town when the what-ifs and fears creep in.

What if you get lost, or your car breaks down? What if this trip is not as fun as you thought it might be? What if you fail, or better yet, what if you succeed? What will happen when you get there?

You find yourself starting to move towards your destination when your car stalls. You know you should move forward but is it what you want?

What are you afraid of? A part of you may not want to move forward. Acknowledge this and ask what you need.

Read the article or watch the free training to learn five steps to overcome fear and take action.

I am a terrible driver.

Or maybe 10 minutes into the trip, you get into a traffic accident.

Shaken, you may feel like you should never have set out on this trip in the first place. You may even feel like you aren’t worthy, and the whole trip is a waste of time.

Negative thoughts swirl in your head, and you can’t seem to move past them. Stuck at a gas station, you think you should go home. What needs to be healed, released, or aligned? 

Silence your negative self-talk by reading this article or watching this free training.

Improve your mindset in 3 simple steps by reading this article or watching this training.

Read this article or watch the free training to overcome your Imposter Syndrome.

SOS. I want to quit.

Eventually, smoke starts coming out of the engine.

You didn’t expect this, and you don’t have roadside assistance. 

You pull over, put on your hazards, and wonder if you should call for help or walk to the nearest gas station.

You are honestly so frustrated that you are on the verge of abandoning your car and going home.

Instead of panicking, learn how to check in, process, plan, act, and reflect to respond calmly in a crisis. For tips on how not to quit, read this.

And once you are in the right mindset, make sure to learn how to stay on track when things don’t go as planned by reading this article.

Step 3: Enjoy the process of being in the process.

You may be frustrated that you cannot gain clarity and move forward more quickly; however, don’t push yourself.

Think of your resistance as being stuck in quicksand.

The more you struggle, the deeper you will be sucked under and become trapped. So instead of forcing yourself, accept your resistance and relax to move forward with ease and flow.

Slow down, let go, and enjoy the process of being in the process.

Intentionally give yourself the time and space to understand what you need and what to do next. It may require taking a step back, taking a break, or being open to a new direction.

Give yourself permission to create ease and do what you love. Instead of focusing on how difficult it is, let go by focusing on what makes you feel good. You cannot attract clarity in the space of lack and efforting.

The more relaxed and better you feel, the easier it will become.

What can you focus on that feels easy for you?

What do you need right now to let go and feel good?

What superpower would you need if you stayed in this situation forever?

Practice patience and know that everything is always working out for you. Trust that your answers are within you and will appear at the right time.

Pro Tip: If you struggle with letting go, allow yourself to worry for 15 minutes per day. Work towards worrying less as time passes. Also, take 5-15 minutes per day to close your eyes, become still, and allow clarity by appreciating what is around you.


Resistance is a signal that something is not working and needs an adjustment. Accept that your resistance is a good sign, and follow the steps outlined to create a better future.

Step 1: Accept your resistance
Step 2: Pause and gain awareness
Step 3: Enjoy the process of being in the process

I look forward to you having more clarity and being in better alignment to create a life and business you truly love.
Michele x

If you need help building your aligned vision by creating a step-by-step strategy (you can actually stick to), email me the word PROGRAM.

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