How to Feel Good Charging Your Fees

Are you struggling to raise your prices?

Perhaps you feel guilty that raising your fees will create challenges for your clients.

Maybe you are afraid your offer is not good enough.

After all, what if you raise your price and no one buys it?

Or perhaps you don’t think you deserve money.

So why would you feel this way?

Struggling to charge for your services or feeling competitive with others may stem from subconscious money beliefs.

You may feel guilty charging your clients, and your negative association with money may be holding you back from creating true financial freedom and abundance in your life.

The most common money blocks are:

  1. Poverty consciousness: believing there is “not enough.”
  2. Money guilt: Feeling unworthy or undeserving of wealth.
  3. Fear of money: Believing bad things happen when you get more money.

First, if you are struggling with believing that there is “not enough” to go around, make sure to read Charge What You Are Worth.

If you feel guilty about receiving money, resources, or opportunities, you may be experiencing money guilt.

You could feel unworthy or undeserving of wealth.

Or you could struggle because you believe that receiving money takes away from others.

So, why do you believe this?

If you grew up in an environment where the adults in your life expressed shame around having money, this could have created some deeply rooted money guilt.

Perhaps you heard phrases like “eat everything on your plate because there are starving children in the world” and learned from a young age that you should feel guilty that you have abundance while others do not.

Why is this important?

Feeling guilty and undeserving of having money makes it impossible to feel good while making money. It, therefore, becomes highly challenging to develop a profitable business.

So what can you do about this?

Step 1: What are your existing beliefs?

The first step is to outline your beliefs around money. Make sure to dig deep as you can have “sneaky” subconscious beliefs that are not obvious at first glance.

First, reflect on your role models as you were growing up. What type of relationship did they have with money, and how did this impact you?

Did the adults in your life make you feel guilty about having money?

If so, how did their beliefs impact how you currently perceive abundance?

And are your beliefs true?

Perhaps you believe there is not enough to go around or may feel having money harms others somehow?

Most importantly, reflect on if you feel guilty charging for your products or services. If so, why does this make you feel guilty? What about charging creates this guilt?

Or maybe you feel guilty competing with others. You could believe that it takes something away from someone else, and therefore having money negatively impacts those around you.

Take some time to reflect on where your beliefs came from, how they impacted you, and if these beliefs are true.

Last, what would you like to believe instead?

Step 2: How are you worthy?

Your guilt may also stem from a deeply rooted belief that you are not worthy of having money. You may feel that you have to be, do, or have something extra to earn abundance.

Overcoming this type of guilt involves reprogramming your association of having money with a feeling of worthiness.

Always keep in mind that every human being deserves joy and abundance.

However, this may feel challenging, depending on your relationship with yourself.

It’s essential to reflect on how you feel about yourself.

Do you have high self-esteem or self-regard? Do you think you are a worthwhile person?

Be honest and gentle with yourself here, as it is essential to uncover your true beliefs to make a shift.

Do you feel worthy of having wealth in your life?

After your reflection, it’s time to prove that you are worthy of abundance by building up your self-regard.

Pro Tip: Write three positive qualities about yourself every evening before bedtime and read them each morning.

This tiny habit will help you to start rebuilding your self-esteem.

Step 3: How is your product or service worthy?

Next, outline what value or benefits your product or service brings. While overcoming any of the three main money blocks, it is essential to understand the value of your offer and how it benefits your ideal client.

In what ways does your offer positively impact your clients? How do you improve the lives of others? What would they be missing if you did not offer this?

Confirm that the client’s return on investment is worth the price by asking yourself if you had a similar challenge and were looking for a solution, would you pay for this?

How do the benefits of your product or service justify the cost?

Last, how will clients paying for your services allow them to succeed?

Pro Tip: Write down 50 reasons your product or service positively impacts your client. And as a bonus, ask your ideal client what benefits your product or service has had in their life.

Step 4: What motivates you to make money?

It can be helpful to tap into your more profound purpose to gain more proof of how you are justified to charge for your services.

Without a deeper meaning, your business can quickly become a means to an end.

Your reason for working can become just about paying the bills, leaving you feeling desperate, stressed, and unhappy, which will feed your guilt.

So what is your deeper motivation for making money? Are you in business only because you feel desperate because of extreme pressure on you, or is it something more significant?

Tap into your dreams that feel inspiring. What positive motivations can you find? How does your business impact you, your family, friends, clients, and the world?

Step 5: How will money have a positive impact?

It can also be helpful to provide a positive reason for wanting the money to counteract your guilt. Having a good reason that money can help you, your business, or the world will often create the justification you require.

First, imagine if you did not have enough money to offer your products or services.

How will this prevent you from being able to provide value to your ideal client?

Would you have to quit your business or work part-time? What pain will it cause you?

If you were not financially stable, how would this hold you back from providing your unique talents and gifts to the world?

Now reflect on your main reason for wanting abundance in your life and business. Imagine having all of your financial needs met. What difference would it make in your life? What beautiful gifts will this bring?

What will you gain?

Imagine if you had more money than you needed and could spend extra doing things you love or growing your business.

How would this make your life better? How would this help your business?

If you created more abundance, how would it affect the lives of others? What will you be able to do with the money that positively impacts the world?

Imagine the gifts that true financial abundance and financial freedom would bring.


Feeling guilty about receiving money, resources, or opportunities makes it impossible to have a profitable business. Overcoming money guilt is essential to align with your goals to charge what you are worth and create a life and business you love.

Step 1: What are your existing beliefs?
Step 2: How are you worthy?
Step 3: How is your product or service worthy?
Step 4: What motivates you to make money?
Step 5: How will money have a positive impact?

If you need help overcoming your money guilt and are ready to create a step-by-step strategy so you can start seeing results, email me at with the word PROGRAM.

I look forward to you creating the abundant life and business you deserve!
Michele x

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