How to Feel Good Taking Time Off

You finally have that vacation coming up, but are you even excited?

Although you have something fabulous planned, you may feel stressed because of everything on your plate.

How will you get it all done?

Stepping away from your business may feel overwhelming.

And when you are used to running at 100 miles per hour, slowing down could seem hard.

So how can you prepare yourself to enjoy your time off?

Step 1: Prioritize what matters

You may have a laundry list of things to do, but what is essential?

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Take a piece of paper and brain dump everything you need to accomplish before your holiday.

The list should include small and large personal and professional items.

Next, sort your to-do list into categories. Grouping goals will allow you to find what you are looking for more efficiently.

Now’s the time to prioritize what is necessary. What is essential to be completed before your time off so you feel like you can relax?

Include urgent, important areas such as crises, pressing problems, deadline-driven projects, meetings, reports, or any required systems to keep your business running smoothly while you are gone.

What are the must-have items to check off your list?

Read Focus on What Matters for more tips.

Step 2: Invite the opportunity

Wait! Before chipping away at your list, don’t miss this step!

Sometimes breaking up the monotony can be a gift, helping uncover potential gems.

Use this pause in your business to discover the opportunities you may have here.


Take a deeper look at what you have in your life or business that no longer serves you. What do you want to stop doing or stop having in your life? Are there areas that have seemingly gotten out of hand or don’t feel good?

And do you need to do everything on your list, or are you creating more work for yourself? Is there something you can remove to save time?

Perhaps certain items have become a habit and are no longer moving the needle. Can any of these areas be eliminated?


Are there areas where you can streamline your current process to save time?

Look at places where you waste time or that feel draining. It may be time for a change. How might you be best set up for success instead?


Is there anything on your plate that you can delegate? What can you give to someone else?

How can you leverage your staff to help support you? Is it time to hire additional outside help?

If you cannot yet afford to hire, perhaps you can arrange a trade.

Can you create a new support system or collaboration to help you during your absence?

Is there a family member or business friend that can help cover the workload while you are out of the office?

Or are there systems you can implement that will take care of some slack?

What can you schedule in advance?

Can you automate this somehow?

For more reflective techniques, check out What To Do Before Planning 2022.

Step 3: Focus on the top three

After evaluating your new opportunities, reflect on what top three items need to be accomplished before taking time off. What is the minimal amount you need to do to set yourself up for success?

Following the Pareto Principle, 20% of the work will account for 80% of the results. What 20% of the items on your plate will significantly impact you?

Look at your calendar and intentionally schedule blocks of time to work on these items.

Prioritizing your top three daily tasks will enable deep focus on what’s essential while eliminating less critical items and excess stress.

Check the most important items off your list first so that you can relax.

Read Do Less to Make More to learn how to prioritize what moves the needle to maximize your time.

Step 4: Create a “flow state” to maximize efficiency

You may have a lot to do and seemingly too little time. Know that putting the pedal to the metal will result in spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. Efforting does not create efficiency.

Instead of struggling, it’s essential to relax.

If feeling overwhelmed, placing your hand over your heart will de-regulate your central nervous system, helping you to calm down instantly.

Using breathing techniques such as box breathing will also create more inner peace.

Read 57 Tips to Ease Overwhelm for more.

Establish conditions to be in a “flow state” by prioritizing inspiration. Move your body, change your environment, walk in nature, listen to music, dance, laugh, have fun, visualize, brainstorm, and rest if needed.

How might you intentionally set yourself up to accomplish your goals easily?

Read How to Get Into a “Flow State” to Boost Creativity for more insight.

Step 5: Give yourself time and space to relax into it

Going from 100 to 0mph can be a jolt to the system, and if you are generally moving very quickly in your daily life, it may be challenging to relax. Take the time needed to unwind.

What can you do right now to enjoy the entire process from start to finish?

Slowly ease into your vacation by giving yourself enough time to set yourself up for success.

Having extra days before and after your break can allow the time and space needed to ease in and out in the best way possible.

Tap into the positive feelings you wish to have and surround yourself with what inspires those feelings. Treat yourself with kindness and compassion as you start to unwind.

And most importantly, make sure to stay in the moment!


Preparing for time off in a manner that feels good is essential. Get into a “flow state” to prioritize what moves the needle while eliminating, delegating, and streamlining your business. Give yourself the time and space to relax, unwind, and enjoy the process.

Step 1: Prioritize what matters
Step 2: Invite the opportunity
Step 3: Focus on the top three
Step 4: Create a “flow state” to maximize efficiency
Step 5: Give yourself time and space to relax into it

You deserve to take time for yourself. You work hard, so make sure to relax and enjoy yourself!
Michele x

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