How to Overcome Fear and Make Consistent Money

It could feel like no matter how hard you try; you can’t seem to get ahead.

Something always gets in the way as soon as you build traction.

And once you have the success you have always dreamed of, poof, it disappears.

You can’t seem to hold on to your success.

Perhaps you spend all your money as soon as it hits your bank account.

Or maybe you don’t follow up with potential leads or follow through on what moves the needle.

You know you have potential, yet you feel stuck and can’t move forward.

So, what is going on here?

It may seem counterintuitive, but a subconscious fear of money could be holding you back. If you believe bad things will happen when you are wealthy, you will self-sabotage, blocking your financial abundance.

So what do you do to overcome this?

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Step 1: Identify what is holding you back

How do you know whether you fear money or success if it is subconscious?

When you think about success in your business, what comes up for you? Tap into your gut. Are you excited? Nervous? Are you afraid of letting others down? Are you fearful of change?

If you feel discomfort, it’s time to examine this further.

What is your deepest fear of being wealthy? Do you receive any positive benefit from not having abundance? Is there any part of your life you are not ready to change?

Here are some areas to reflect on:


Notice your impression of wealthy or successful people in your life. Do you feel that they are selfish? Evil? Crooks?Just lucky? Or perhaps you even think that “money is the root of all evil.” 

Have you grown apart from people as they built success in the past? How does this impact your viewpoint now?

Equating having too much success with becoming an evil person is sure to hold you back. After all, why would you want to have money if you feel it will harm you? 

In what other ways do you feel having money would change or negatively impact you?

Perhaps you have made past mistakes with money, such as bad investments, and now you think this is the only possible outcome.

Now, reflect on where these beliefs come from and if the source is credible. Forgive your parents, friends, and yourself for holding on to untrue stories.


How would your relationships change if you achieved financial success? Would you connect in the same way? Perhaps it feels uncomfortable that your dependency on each other may change.

Or maybe you connect to others by commiserating about the pain of not having enough? 

Perhaps you fear the judgment or loss that will come with success. Are you afraid of your family, friends, or partner judging you if you are wealthy? 

Fearing that having money would change your relationships can also block you from financial abundance. 


Maybe you think having success or money means you will have to work all the time and you won’t have balance in your life. It could even expand to being a lousy mother or partner, being permanently exhausted, lacking joy, or being in poor health.

If you equate success with burnout, you won’t move forward.

Drama Queen

Or maybe you are addicted to drama? 

Do you get fired up by talking about financial struggles? Or do you love the rush of paying your bills just in time? You could be motivated when you are struggling financially. 

Studies have shown that drama in your life can be more addicting than heroin or cocaine. Drama releases adrenaline, putting you in an addictive state of fight or flight. 

Well, do you even want money?

If any of the points above resonate, you could have a fear of money and success. 

The number one rule in having money is that you must want it. 

So, do you even want this?

You may SAY you want money. You may THINK you want money. However, if you fear having money or success will negatively impact your life, you most likely don’t want it.

On a scale of 1-10, how comfortable do you feel having wealth? How does that feel in your body?

If it feels uncomfortable, how does this manifest in your life? Are your actions reflecting a desire to have money? Pay attention if you find yourself chronically self-sabotaging.

Perhaps you spend money as soon as you get it. Or maybe you don’t follow up with leads or close potential deals.

Is not being successful an option for you?

Step 2: How would money positively impact your life?

If you fear money or success because it will have a negative impact, it’s time to reframe.

First, it’s essential to know that money does not change people. It just magnifies who they are.

It is merely energy to be leveraged for either good or evil.

Research wealthy individuals such as Tony Robbins or Oprah to see how they have used their money for good. How would you leverage wealth for good causes and positive change?

Feel how much fun it would be to help others through your contribution to society. What would you do with the money to give back and create a life you love? What are possible positive outcomes?

Money impacts every area of your life. What will having money create for you? Are you trying to buy your parents a house? Give back? Pay off your debt? What is your true motivation?

Pro Tip: Whoohoo! Imagine that you won the lottery and received $1000 today and every day over the next two weeks. How will you spend your money? Every day remember what you chose to spend your money on and how grateful you are that this has happened.

Step 3: Energetically attract money

Think of the amount of money you are comfortable with as if it were a number on a thermometer. If you feel safe at a certain level, once the temperature increases, you will feel shaky and spend it.

Start stretching your comfort zone by slowly increasing your number by taking the following steps.


Imagine the positive impact of your success by seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, and touching the lifestyle you could have. Visualizing while feeling strong positive emotions will help you embody your new possible lifestyle.

Be as specific as possible in your visualization, and later write down goals, including numbers, to crystalize and clarify your desires. Write down what you want to spend your money on down to the penny.

Creating a vision board or keeping your goals in a visible location can also be helpful.


Making the decision that you will figure it out no matter what will shift your mindset entirely.

Are you honestly willing to work towards your success even if it takes years? Are you ready to commit until you are successful?

Your mindset changes when your brain accepts you will be successful no matter what. It’s essential to know that even if it takes time, you will achieve it. Believe in your future success with certainly even before it has happened.


Think of the universe as an uber service that gives you what you ask for, so be specific and claim what you want out loud.

Ask for help when you need it. And keep trying until you find what you are seeking.

Ask, and you shall receive. 

Shift your language. 

Language is everything, so pay attention to your words. If you use self-deprecating language like “maybe” or “hopefully,” “it would be nice to,” or “if,” it’s time to change. 

“Maybe my business will work” changes to “WHEN my business works.”
“If I get clients” changes to “WHEN I get clients.”
“If my business takes off” becomes “WHEN my business takes off.”
“Hopefully, this works out” changes to “WHEN this works out.”

And affirm your decision.
“I am wealthy.” “I am dedicated so that this works.” “Even if it takes ten years, that is okay because it is happening.” “I will make $x because I want this.”

Focus on Abundance

Focusing on abundance right now is key to your success. Are you focusing on the progress you haven’t made versus the gains you would like to make? Are you comparing yourself to others?

If so, shift your focus to what you have accomplished and areas where you are abundant instead. The truth is that the money you desire is already here. You are already plentiful right now. 

Become more intentional with your gratitude practice by listening to abundance music, meditating, and creating positive affirmations to shift your mindset.

For more tips on gratitude, read How to Feel Joy in Every Moment.

Pro Tip: Focus on your progress by writing about your success over the last ten years. Writing about wins you have accomplished recently can also help.

Step 4: Take physical action

Breathe, relax, and ask what will create the money you desire right now? 

Track your pennies

If you have a head-in-the-sand approach where you never look at your bank account or make a budget, it’s time to change. Looking at this head-on will reduce stress as what is measured grows. 

Track every penny that comes to you with gratitude, being thankful once received into your bank account. The more grateful, the more you will receive.

Clear money clutter

Clear up any bills to be paid by collecting and paying them one by one as soon as possible. Create a schedule to pay bills, and remember to be grateful that you have the money to spend here.

Gather all loose change, exchange it for larger bills, and spend it on yourself or debt.

Collect unused gift cards or certificates, cash them in, or use them. Then, replace your wallet with a new wallet that brings you joy.

Last write down every company or person who owes you money and the amount they owe. Contact each of those companies/people and find out where your money is.

Spend with joy

Expressing gratitude or giving back to others is a great way to create more abundance. Help someone else in need. Give your time, energy, or money. 

Spend with love by appreciating that you GET to spend the money because there is enough money to pay for these things. When you pay bills, be grateful you have the money available. It is a JOY to buy dinner, to pay your electric bill, etc. 

Last, take action to make money

How can you create a funnel where money always flows easily?

How can you attract money to you every single day?

Focus on income-generating activities and implement them quickly. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Keep going even if it is messy, and try not to overanalyze. The more you try, the more you can iterate. 


Your subconscious fear of money could be holding you back from achieving your desired success. It’s essential to address these beliefs so that you can move forward to create a life and business you love. 

Step 1: Identify what is holding you back
Step 2: How would money positively impact your life?
Step 3: Energetically attract money
Step 4: Take physical action

May you achieve great abundance and success!
Michele x

If you need help overcoming your subconscious blocks so you can build your vision with a step-by-step strategy you can stick to, email me the word PROGRAM.

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