Hi there. I’m Michele,
and I get it...

It appeared that I had it all – great family, friends, partner, job, a nice home, “ultimate success.” My life “checklist” seemed “perfect” while I crumbled underneath the enormous weight of expectation. 

I was a chameleon, pretending to be who I thought I should be while not actually knowing who I truly was. I numbed myself to escape my crippling lack of self-esteem.

And then, on what seemed like a regular Thursday, I was diagnosed with cancer.

I was so overwhelmed that I hid under my desk every day.

I was working full-time leading a global team and thought if people knew I had cancer, they would think I was weak, lazy, or incapable. My identity was so chipped away that I no longer knew who I was. 

I was exhausted. Overwhelmed, I felt like a failure. I did not know if I could go on. 

I put on a smile while I was crumbling on the inside.

At 3 pm each day, my exhaustion overtook me. I closed my office door, shut out the lights, put down a coat to cover the cold concrete, and took a 20-minute nap under my desk, shamefully hoping no one would catch me.

I was falling apart. Finally, I hit rock bottom. That is the day I said I could not do this anymore… And I made a decision to prioritize MYSELF.

* I aligned with my values, vision, and purpose.

* I took massive action to remove toxins from my mind, body, and spirit

* I created a strategy to get the same amount of work done in half the time

When your canvas is blank, EVERYTHING is possible. 

I now understand who I truly am and have created a more profound vision of myself, finding my purpose and path to true happiness, confidence, success, and freedom. I enjoy all of the beautiful moments on life’s journey, not solely the destination.

And now I help other women do the same!

If you feel stuck and don't know what steps to take next, then we need to talk.

I am a vision architect and coach passionate about helping stuck female entrepreneurs to create the right strategy and mindset to achieve lifestyle freedom and positive impact.

I have been a leader and innovator for over 20 years, creating positive personal and organizational transformation, building outstanding global teams, and developing talent.

I want to help you design the life, business, and freedom you truly deserve.

Is this something you would like to do together?


Be a HERO in your own life and live life FULLY.

And always know...

EVERYTHING is ALWAYS working out for YOU!