I realized that I don’t want other women to struggle as much or as long as I did throughout my journey.

I became obsessed (AND AM OBSESSED) with learning as much as possible to help others in an impactful way.

Today, I am a Vision Architect and coach passionate about helping stuck female entrepreneurs create the right strategy and mindset to achieve lifestyle freedom and positive impact in the world.


- NLP Practitioner l Coach
- Entrepreneurship Coach
- Business Coach
- ACC, CTACC Certified Coach


A Creative Leader & Innovator
for over 20 years

I am a leader and creative innovator with over 20 years of experience creating positive personal and organizational transformations and have proven success building outstanding global teams and developing talent by fostering a highly collaborative growth-focused environment. I successfully unify culture, communication, and consistency in organizations, including creating global training, and have experience building a team of over sixty global artists following five corporate mergers.


Building successful global teams from scratch and Developing organizational workflows & project management systems from scratch

In addition, I have experience opening and scaling several global offices from scratch. I have also developed organizational workflows and systems, including creating a project management system from scratch that was implemented as the organization’s backbone.  I love building new ideas from scratch, and that is why I want to work with female entrepreneurs… Helping you build your dreams lights me up inside!


Creative flow with productivity,
and prioritize innovation to
identify, develop and implement new ideas and solutions

I am astute at balancing creative flow with productivity and lead innovation and design thinking circles to improve business by identifying, developing, and implementing new ideas and solutions that the client wants. I am looking forward to you being that client!


Looking forward to helping you build your future!


“When I started working with Michele, I was spinning my wheels, or should I say STILL spinning my wheels after years of training, unable to get out of my own way to build my business. I kept my calendar in my head, was averse to setting goals, and my days would get away from me. Due to her compassionate guidance and unique ability to extract relevance out of overwhelm, I have finally gotten on the right path toward launching. There are always deeper issues at play when we thwart our progress; Michele understands these challenges and gently guides me out of fear and into my potential. I am beyond grateful.”​

Shelby Stone

“Michele is an amazing coach, and I couldn't recommend her highly enough. She really listened to me and got me 100%. She was able to see through my struggle and pinpoint exactly what the core of my issues was. After only one hour of coaching with her, I gained clarity on what I really want for my career and my life and what next steps I should take. I finally feel in alignment with my vision again! I am excited and super motivated again to really go out there and dive into this amazing new experience!”​


“Michele made it so simple and doable. Before our session, I was quite fuzzy about what was holding me back. Her genuine caring brought things out of me I didn't even know existed. After our session, I have an understanding of my behaviors and tools to change them. Words really cannot express my gratitude.”​

Joanne Klaassen

“I really enjoyed working with Michele. I loved her approach, and she has a way of asking the right questions at the right time. They definitely helped me focus and get on the right track. Her organized and analytical approach helped me develop a business plan that I was excited to implement. I definitely feel like I now have a more balanced approach towards work and starting my own business. I would highly recommend working with Michele!”​

Jen M

“Meeting Michele was like a breath of fresh air. Michele possesses abundant skills and expertise that allowed me to open up and trust the process that I've been working through personally and professionally. Michelle was caring, attentive, a great listener, patient, kind, and very respectful of me and my circumstances. As an entrepreneur, I have many thoughts and ideas in my field of Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle. Michele was able to help me gain more clarity, organize my vision, realize opportunities and shift my beliefs into those that will aid me in business. Thank you, Michele! Already, my new business is thriving and getting better every day! I am confident that this is just the start. Knowing that you're on my team is empowering, encouraging and allows me to feel that I will always have access to a great coach if I'm ever stuck or uncertain. I feel confident referring my friends and family to Michele Leah Coaching. Thank you again!”

Evette Marie

“I can’t thank Michele enough for our session. It was way deeper than I thought it would be, and we touched so many personal and important issues! I felt an awesome connection with her soul and felt her loving guidance as a professional throughout the session. I am also grateful for her feedback and the tools she gave me to implement as I learn more to cope with what we talked about. I am looking forward to future work.”



After over a year in treatment, my cancer was not going away. I took massive action and eliminated ALL additives, meat, milk, soy, and sugar to become entirely plant-based –  and I even learned how to cook!!! I became cancer-free less than six weeks later and remain healthy today!

I lead meditations and visualizations for cancer support groups and in business groups. I strongly believe in giving back to the community and volunteer weekly.

I have been through some profound personal transformation, gained tremendous insight, and prioritized personal growth. My ultimate goal is to give you a place to thrive. I will challenge you to be the best you can be because I believe in you. I also always want us to have FUN enjoying the journey along the way – not just the destination!

I am SO EXCITED to start working with YOU!