Tips to Maintain a Consistent Social Media Presence

Okay, let’s be honest. I did not want to write this today.

Zero part of me felt like doing it, yet here I am.

So, why show up at all?

Well, you are expecting me to be here, aren’t you?

I could say, “They won’t notice. No one is reading this anyway.” And trust me, I feel like that sometimes.

But even if you don’t read any of my content, I know you expect it to be here.

So, how do I know you notice me?

Following the 99:1 principle, 90% of any audience are lurkers who watch the content but don’t comment, 9% engage with the content with comments or likes, and 1% are raving fans.

So even if you get no feedback from most of your audience, be mindful that they still notice you are there!

And why is this important to remember?

When you show up consistently, you build trust with your audience, allowing you to create a steady income.

And the good news is that although this takes some time, this can also happen pretty quickly.

For example, this week marks six months of writing blog posts every Tuesday.

And since I have been showing up every week, we have built some trust, haven’t we?

Showing up consistently for a few months will make all of the difference in your business as well.

So why aren’t you consistent right now?

Maybe you don’t know what to post or struggle with imposter syndrome.

Perhaps you’ve overextended yourself, posting on multiple platforms in various ways.

Or maybe you have given up because you got crickets and feel like, “what’s the point.”

And most likely, you don’t have a clear posting plan.

Okay, great, so how do you show up consistently anyway?

Step 1: What to post

Figuring out what to post or feeling like an imposter could be holding you back.

notebook, fountain pens, pen-428293.jpg

Maybe you don’t know what to write, have run out of ideas, or are afraid of rejection.

It’s essential to plan a regular time each week to write content. 

If not knowing what to post is holding you back, make sure to read the article How to Create Original Content that Converts or Watch the Free Training to uncover how to create content that adds value.

Also, make sure to snag these 36 writing prompts to help you write original content that converts.

Step 2: Where to post 

I get it. Social media can be both confusing and overwhelming. Every day, there seem to be more platforms or new features. It is a vast field of never-ending choices and content for exploration.

So, here’s the good news! You can simplify this in three steps!

social media, social, keyboard-4140959.jpg

1. Where does your ideal client spend time?

The most crucial step to finding the right platform is recognizing where your ideal clients are hanging out. Generally, there will be a preference. And if you do not know the answer to this, ask them. Do some simple market research and find out their venue of choice.

2. Where do you love to be?

After your market research, you may still be at a crossroads. There may be many choices, or you may not like the answer they provided.

It is vital to select the platform you love the most. So where do you like to spend time?

And if you don’t love any of the platforms, decide if learning a new venue is right for you. Are you willing to invest time, energy, and effort into a new tool? If not, perhaps there is another way to connect.

3. Choose one platform.

Focusing on one area at a time will enable you to grow far more quickly than if you have scattered focus.

Yes, you probably want to expand on multiple platforms to have a presence, but first, avoid the shiny object syndrome and focus on one platform instead.

Not only does this simplify your process, but it also allows you to focus your energy on one thing at a time.

Don’t believe me?

nature, outdoors, food-3332026.jpg

Imagine growing a garden and not having time to tend to each plant.

You decide to water one plant every month to have time for all of them. What do you think would happen?

In a more tangible example, I started my Facebook group in November and focused all of my time, energy, and effort there. The group rapidly multiplied to over 1000 members in one month, and over 3000 members have joined since.

Make this easy. Start with one platform and give it 100% of your time, energy, and focus. Once you build that platform to the size and stability you are happy with, you can move on to a new growth path.

Step 3: How often to post

Here’s a secret. It is much more important to post consistently than the number of posts.

Have you ever started strong, posting multiple times a week, and then just fell off the wagon?

Perhaps it became too much.

Of course, you are excited and want to post everything everywhere.

I get it. How can you gain credibility and visibility if you don’t show up?

Instead, it’s best to start slow. Post half of what you want to. It will create desire and excitement to post while building the muscle to be consistent by starting slow.

Pro Tip: Start one time per week for four weeks. After four weeks of hitting your goal, post two times a week. After four more weeks, start posting three times a week and so on.

Step 4: When to post

Choose times during the week that you will commit to posting.

First, look at platform statistics to determine when traffic is at its peak. Try your best to plan around those times to maximize your results.

Set a calendar event for when to post to keep it top of mind. Also, you can plan posts in advance using native schedulers like Facebook Creative Studio or programs like Apphi.

After posting for a few weeks, check the statistics and adjust if needed.

Pro Tip: To help keep you organized, download my free customizable tracker to show you exactly what to post to get more leads to your business.

Step 5: Make posting non-negotiable.

Imagine that your content is the “open sign” in your business shop window. Not posting content is like putting up a “closed sign” because you don’t feel like showing up.

It would be a problem if you went to the local grocery store and saw a closed sign during business hours, wouldn’t it?
Your business is no different.

Be prepared and have a solid foundation to set yourself up for success. Think about what may get in the way of your posting and plan around this. What is one action step you can take to overcome obstacles?

And remember, the more you post consistently, the easier this will be.
If you are afraid to get started, know that it is better to decide to take action than to do nothing at all.

Make this part of your routine, do a little each day or at a specific time during the week. And most importantly, if something goes wrong, start again. It’s essential to be flexible to learn, grow, and give yourself grace.


Consistent posting is key to building trust with your audience and creating a steady income. The five steps outlined will give you a manageable plan to help you post successfully.

Step 1: What to post
Step 2: Where to post 
Step 3: How often to post
Step 4: When to post
Step 5: Make posting non-negotiable.

It’s time to show up consistently!

If you need help knowing what to post and creating a clear aligned strategy, book a Free Discovery Call here.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Michele x

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