Visualizing Success in 2022

It’s almost the New Year!

Have you created your resolutions yet?

Every year they go well for a short time until you fall off the wagon.

So how can you make this year different?

What steps should you be taking to create a life and business you love?

If you haven’t read What to Do Before Planning 2022, Read that first HERE.

Now, let’s imagine your 2022 success!

Step 1: Vision: Know where you are going.

The first step is to craft your one and three-year vision, outlining future goals you would like to accomplish.

Why? It’s essential to know your general direction to achieve your goals.

After all, if you got in a car and drove aimlessly without a GPS, you most likely would not make it to the destination you had in mind.

Having a larger vision helps ensure an ideal outcome.

Here’s another illustration.

Imagine you arrive at the airport, unsure of where you are heading. You randomly purchase a ticket to Costa Rica without knowing anything about the country.

Upon landing, you realize there are no rental cars left, and you did not upgrade your mobile phone plan, so you have no way to contact anyone.

It’s pouring rain, and you don’t have warm clothes or rain gear.

You wind up staying in a shoddy motel down the road feeling stressed because you don’t have a lay of the land or know where to go next.

Why did you even buy a ticket here in the first place? It’s miserable, so you give up, cutting your trip short.

bridge, rain forest, costa rica-2124896.jpg

Imagine; instead, you set out with an idea of what you want to do.

After careful research of vacation destinations, you are excited to go to Costa Rica, having always wanted to experience the rainforest, the beach, and whatever else may be in store.

You have a general itinerary, rented a car, and booked tours and hotels.

Falling in love with all there is to see your incredible adventure has ample room for exploration and new experiences.

You are excited to embark on this journey and enjoy every moment.

map, car, toy-2530069.jpg

Having a plan of what you want to accomplish creates a better experience and outcome.

It’s essential to know where you are going so you know the proper steps to take to get there. It can also act as a guide if you veer off course.

Okay, so how do you know where you are going?

The visualization technique is a powerful tool that allows us to create new possibilities to build a bright future. Taking time to reflect on your envisioned year will build a bridge to success.

First, get into a relaxed state to create your vision from a space of limitless potential. Imagine the highest version of yourself is experiencing an incredible year ahead. Anything is possible. Try to imagine what is happening for you vs. how you will achieve this.

Ask yourself questions such as the following:
What do I want to create, achieve, or do this year?
Who do I want to become?
What would my ideal life look like if anything were possible?
What are two goals that would change my life if achieved this year?

These categories may also be helpful:

Me: How do I want to show up in my life and business? How will I take care of myself?

Business: What will I create in my business? How will I grow my business, learn new skills, and put my ideas into action?

Connect & Celebrate: How will I connect to others, be supported, celebrate, and make the world a better place?

Use the Four P’s:
To create a more impactful vision statement, make sure to write in the present tense, using positive, passionate language from your perspective (“I” or “Me”). 

Present tense (as if it’s happening now, not past or future)
Personal Perspective (“I” and “me” statements) 
Positive Language (avoid words like “not” or “don’t”) 
Passionate (put emotion behind it)

Step 2: Drive

Once you have outlined your vision, tap into your motivation behind it. Dig deep as to why you want this to happen?

Your why is your North Star guiding you while moving you forward. The deeper your why is, the more motivation it will bring.

Why is doing this important to you? How does it tie into your values? Who will it impact? How will it affect your life or the lives of others?

When your reason is beyond yourself, it becomes much more powerful. Here you will find genuine drive and fulfillment that will motivate you to take action throughout the year. 

Bonus Tip: Post your why in a visible place to help motivate you each day. It can be a post-it, on your screen saver, on your fridge, or anywhere that you will see it.

Step 3: Belief 

Creating a vision is a good start but creating a compelling vision is game-changing. What this means is that you genuinely believe that this will happen.

Why is this important?

Visualizing success before it happens is a highly effective method to achieve your goals.

This method used by many successful entrepreneurs, athletes, business leaders, and celebrities enhances performance, cultivates a strong belief, fueling confidence, drive, and motivation to fulfill desires and dreams.

Famous individuals from Jim Carrey to Muhammad Ali to Will Smith to Jay Z utilize this technique successfully. One of the greatest basketball stars of all time, Michael Jordan practiced visualization by imagining himself making game-winning shots before he stepped on the court. Muhammed Ali saw himself as victorious long before the actual fight.

So, how do you do this?

The art of visualization takes some practice and should happen regularly throughout the year. After you have outlined your vision and understand your deeper motivation, take time to imagine that it has already happened by experiencing the outcome. Your positive emotions will be stronger than any obstacles that could hold you back.

Close your eyes and imagine your future self as the highest version of yourself. Imagine what your life looks like while working toward your goal with ease.

How do you feel throughout the process?
How did you get there?

What did you do to achieve your goal? Did you need additional growth? Resources? (time, courses, money, extra help such as a VA or coach?)

What small steps did you take?

Now imagine having already achieved your goals. How do you feel? What positive emotions will you experience? Feel what it feels like to accomplish these goals deeply in your body. Imagine the environment you are surrounded by and who is around you.

Experience this and believe that this has already happened. See it, hear it, and feel the achievement. The more you can tap into the experience of visualizing your goals and feeling the outcome, the better.

Develop a daily practice to visualize your success. The stronger your positive vision is, the more likely you will overcome any obstacles and achieve your dreams.

Connect deeply to your future self each day to ask what this best version of yourself would do today?

How would this person behave differently?

Increase your awareness and choose to be in alignment with achieving your success.

Bonus: To keep your vision top of mind in your physical space, consider creating a vision board or mind movie with images (clipped from magazines or printed online) and words or phrases that capture where you want to see yourself in a year. The key to a vision board is that looking at it should help you feel how your success will feel— making it real NOW. 


Creating a compelling vision is key to setting yourself up for success. Knowing what you want, why you want it, and believing that you will achieve it will shift your mindset and motivate you to achieve your goals.

Step 1: Vision: Know where you are going.
Step 2: Drive: Know your motivation for going there.
Step 3: Belief: Believe it is going to happen (because it already has )

If you need help knowing what steps you should be taking to create a life and business you love, the Clutter to Clarity Course is for you!

In this course you will:

* Identify your vision so that you can feel more clarity around the direction of your business
* Develop clear planning strategies so that you know what to do next
* Have more accountability so that you can confidently take action in your business

Cheers to creating a compelling vision and a successful future!
Michele x

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